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Miniature Substations / Minisubs

Supply, Installation and Services 

Tecnel Service is the only company in Mozambique to keep stock of Miniature Substations. We supply a great a range of Miniature Substations ranging from 200kVA to 2MVA.

For quick lead time we stock the most relevant Miniature Substations for the Mozambican market namely 33kV and 11kV.

Please see follow link below to consult our stock.  (Please find bottom of our Portuguese webpage)

Did you not find the power or type of Miniature Substation that you need? Please submit your enquiry and other questions regarding supply and/or installation of Miniature Substations and accessories. Please contact our Sales Department following the button below.


We also supply the following equipment related to Miniature Substations:

  • Ring Main Unit (RMU)

  • Medium Voltage Fuses

Please consult the Services page for more information regarding service quotation, repair and maintenance (including oil purification for the miniature substation transformer) for your Miniature Substation.

Ring Main Unit (RMU) 12kV

Miniature Substation / Mini-substation


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