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ABB - Cahora Bassa Hydroelectric - Songo

Installation, assembly, filling and circulation of 108.9 MVA Transformer oil 128.3 kV

Tecnel received an order from ABB Sweden to install a 1x400 / 450kV - 96.7 / 118.9 MVA transformer in the Songo hydroelectric substation of Cahora Bassa.

Work in progress

The assembly started on the 21st of November after total mobilization of the teams. The work included loading / unloading the new unit, as well as replacing the old unit.

After the safety induction of all teams, a visual inspection of the new machine and tests on site will be carried out. Then, all the accessories will be assembled, as well as all the instrumentation, insulators, piping, radiators and download of the Cargolog FAT90 parameters.

In a vacuum for 48 hours, oil will be transferred from the containers to a 20,000 liter tank, using the Tecnel machine refª GE Energy E 6000 - B - PLC.


At the end, a set of tests is carried out again and with the ABB and HCB teams, commissioning and energization will be carried out.

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